Wet Pour Surfaces

Wet Pour Surfaces are a versatile soft surfacing solution for a range of applications, including playground surfacing, schools, sports facilities and verandas. It is a mixture of rubber granules bound together with a polyurethane resin, mixed on site and installed to an existing or purpose-laid base to provide a continuous surfacing free from joints (where a join is required it is only necessary in exceptional circumstances). Wet Pour Surfacing meets critical fall height requirements, is impact absorbing and comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Wet Pour vs. Traditional Playground Surfaces: Pros and Cons

We use a combination of natural and recycled materials to create our wet pour surfacing systems, the top layer is commonly made from EPDM rubber which is sourced from end-of-life tyres, with a base of SBR, which is a recycled, hard-wearing material derived from the recycling of old car tyres. All of the rubber granules in our wet pour surfacing systems are colourfast, safe for children, and durable for years of active use.

Our wet pour surfaces are available in a huge range of bright colours. This allows you to add patterns, games and educational aids to your surface. You can also choose to use different colours to help separate areas for specific activities and to create distinct zones for different age groups.

Unlike loose-fill surfacing, wet pour can be easily repaired, it is simply lifted and reinstalled in the desired area. It is also easy to maintain, requiring little more than routine cleaning with a pressure washer and occasional weeding.

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