Eating Disorder Rehab Near Me

eating disorder rehab near me

The recovery process for people with eating disorder rehab near me is long and often complicated. It’s important to choose a provider who will listen and support you, especially if you experience setbacks or are unable to progress as quickly as you’d like. Your recovery team may include a psychiatrist for medication prescription and management, a registered dietitian who teaches nutritional therapy, and a medical or psychiatric nurse practitioner to treat any health conditions related to your eating disorder.

Your provider will likely use a variety of treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and family-based therapy. Look for a company that offers these modalities and can accommodate your schedule. Many providers also offer teletherapy for patients who live farther away or who are unable to travel for treatment.

Understanding the Different Types of Eating Disorder Treatment Facilities

A good eating disorder rehab near me will allow you to customize your care and fit it around your life. Depending on your needs, this can mean a day treatment program where you attend multiple hours of therapy a week for three to five days or an inpatient eating disorder rehabilitation center. Inpatient facilities are the most intensive, with average lengths of stay ranging from two weeks to a year.

It’s also important to find a provider who is body-positive and does not promote dieting. Eating disorders can affect all genders, ages, and body sizes, and all of these bodies deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. It’s a good idea to ask your provider if they accept your insurance and if they provide financial assistance for eating disorder treatment since these costs can be prohibitive without coverage.

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