Cotton Lead Rope With Brass Trigger Snap

This soft, cotton lead is the perfect replacement for standard synthetic poly leads that can burn your hands. It has a classic trigger snap that easily attaches to your halter or harness, and it is available in a wide range of colors to complement your horse’s color or match your barn. The rounded cotton feels great in your hand and will not irritate your horse’s ears or neck.

Unlike polyester, cotton is a natural fiber that contains many charged groups on the cellulose chain. These are ideal binding sites for ionic and polar dye molecules. This is one reason why this natural fiber is so vibrant and durable, despite its delicate appearance.

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When a cotton seedling forms, the protoplast is filled with living cells that form the “lumen” of each fiber. After the boll opens and the seeds germinate, these cells are dead and the lumen naturally collapses to leave a hollow canal running the length of each fiber. This cavity is filled with a protein called cellulose, which is the main building block of every plant and animal cell.

Cotton LEADS is a program that is committed to five core principles that are consistent with sustainability, the use of best practices and traceability in the supply chain. This initiative from Australia and the United States offers manufacturers, brands and retailers a reliable cotton supply chain solution so they can be confident their raw material is responsibly produced now and for years to come.

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