Choosing an Email Verifier – A Checklist

email address verifier

Keeping your email list clean is crucial to ensuring your email address verifier get delivered and read. Having a fresh and accurate email list helps you increase your conversion rates, minimizes risks and improves your overall deliverability. Email address verification is a process that helps remove invalid, bouncing and disposable emails from your mailing lists. It also helps reduce your overall bounce rate and protects your email sender’s reputation.

Choosing an email verifier: A checklist

Using an online email validation tool is the easiest way to check and verify email addresses in your database. Most of these tools offer free trials and demos to ensure the tool suits your needs. However, it is important to remember that not all verification tools are the same and you should carefully select a tool that fits your needs and budget.

Some email verification tools use only one verification method, while others provide multiple mechanisms to ensure that the emails in your list are valid. The best email validation tools will include a combination of methods to verify the accuracy of an email address, such as syntax checking, domain check and server ping.

The most effective and efficient way to verify an email address is through the DNS lookup function of your chosen email validation tool. This will reveal a lot of details about the email, including its owner, registration date, expiration date and so on. Moreover, the DNS lookup feature will help you identify the email prefix and domain of the email so that you can easily eliminate disposable email addresses from your list.

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