How Thoughts Affect Your Finances And Life

Our organism is the whole Universe. The human brain is still being actively studied. But already now there is basic knowledge that allows us to understand human behavior in certain situations.

For example, you lost money. It may have been a bad investment. Or you bought something, it broke, and you cannot return what you spent.

What do you feel?

  • Chagrin?
  • Insult?
  • Devastation?

You think, “Life is pain.”
But millionaires don’t think so.

For example, I invested $ 50,000 and lost. I think: “Great Nina. You’ve had a great experience. Don’t do that again. Next time, take a consultation from an expert or go learn it. “

And if I am not sorry to lose money on investments, because I know how to restore it there, then in my business, I feel sorry for them.

If I invested, conditionally, 200 thousand bucks in advertising, and received nothing, I was offended. Once upon a time, I didn’t have enough advertising experience. And now this experience has been gained, and it is no longer so important how much to lose. Because I know this is a test. It didn’t work, let’s move on.

Our thinking depends on what experience we have accumulated.

But very often, people attach their thoughts to their experience.

60-70 thousand thoughts a day rush in our head . Of these, 90% are negative , the repetition is the same:

“I am not worthy. I cannot make a lot of money. I am losing money. ”
And only 10% are our conscious desires .

The only thing we can do is start controlling them.

Just remember your state when you really want to go on vacation, and you clearly knew which country, which hotel. Did you manage to go there? I am sure that the majority succeeded.

So it is with other desires. For example, you want $ 1 million. You have to place this in your conscious desire.

At the last “Count Your Money 4.0” marathon, I asked the participants to write down their negative attitudes.

If you are now at that point that does not suit you, and you have written up to 10 installations, I recommend that you work on them still.

Even I have more than 10. Despite the fact that I have been working on them for more than 3 years, I have worked more than once, a large number of installations with a coach, a psychologist, I come to meetings in the Club with a psychotherapist in our Club, I have what to work on.

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