Ergonomic space

Bathroom, Washbasin, Pia, BathroomIn this case, ergonomics means a combination of minimal operating effort with full functionality. What does an apartment owner expect from his bathroom? It should be comfortable during any hygiene procedures. Everything you need to do this should be at hand. I would like to place both a bathroom and a bathroom or a shower stall and a washing machine in a small area. The bathroom needs to be clean, and you want to have enough room for movement.

Sink placement

A wealth of options will help you find a sink for every corner of the bathroom. And suspended models help to significantly save space. They are attached to the wall; the space under them can be free. The absence of a table allows you to remove at least 10 cm of the width of the entire structure.

Placing a bathroom

In small apartments where no more than three people live, you should think about removing partitions between the bathroom and the toilet. This provides significant space savings – one door instead of two, no extra wall. Space will expand both in fact and visually. It will be easier to arrange furniture and plumbing.

Placement of the washing machine

The first option is good because two important elements in the bathroom’s interior design occupy the same area. You can close the machine with an imitation of a locker. The second option allows you to visually make one wall wider with the help of a countertop and make convenient drawers next to the machine (directly under the sink).

Shower cabin

Depending on the room’s proportions, it often helps to save space with a shower instead of a bath. Thousands of models with different functionality, price, dimensions are presented on the market, and you can find your booth for almost any room.

Finishing a small bathroom

When the list of necessary appliances, pieces of furniture, and large elements have been drawn up, it is time to search for finishing materials and decor. First, you need to decide on the style. In a small room, it is better to do without an abundance of decor. That is why the styles are modern, modern, Scandinavian, Japanese, minimalist. They initially assume the absence of unnecessary details.

Finish colors

Bathroom, Sink, Contemporary, EleganceUnambiguously, the lighter the tiles, the more visually spacious the room is. Light shades not only expand the space but also give a feeling of lightness and dynamism. This is exactly what you need in a small bathroom.

Such games will have to be compensated for by reducing the visible elements. A more popular and logical option: a game of two light shades. White with pink, salad, lavender, blue, sand, light gray, and other delicate shades look perfect. Gray and white look stylish and relaxing. Caramel and apple green also look lively.

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